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Audio Video Switcher Mixer, 4 Line Video

The ARX AV Stream is a unique 'user-friendly' Zoner/Mixer, enabling a choice of four audio and associated composite video sources to be routed to each of two zones. Intuitive Layout The linear ergonomic flow of the front panel controls, coupled with the visual feedback of level settings and source selection makes using the AV Stream totally intuitive, even for casual staff with no prior ex-perience. Switches both Audio and Video Up to four stereo audio sources and associated composite video feeds can be connected to the AV Stream, such as: Tape/cassette/DVD/CD decks, TV/Satellite/video audio, Juke Box/Karaoke systems. Interlocking switches for each source ensure that there is no risk of accidentally selecting two sources for the one zone. Each switch has an associated status LED for easy at-a-glance confirmation of which program source is active, and numbered panels above each switch let you label each source. Microphone Input The AV Stream has provision for connecting a microphone, to allow announcements to made in the zones. There is comprehensive EQ and an individual level control for the microphone on the front panel, as well as a Gain trim control on the rear. A front panel switch assigns the microphone to either or both zones, and there is also provision to connect a push-to-talk signal for priority/evac override.
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