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Madrix 2 Prt USB/Art-Net Node forSPI pro

Secondary Code: IA-HAND-001018

The Madrix Nebula is a flexible interface to directly control a wide range of Digital LED's. The Madrix Nebula is an advanced SPI decoder that receives control data over USB or Art-Net over Ethernet. Its non-conductive enclosure and standardized design for 35 mm top-hat rails make mounting quick, easy, and safe. 2 extra brackets are provided for optional wall mounting. 6 indicators quickly show the device status with the option to turn them off.

Madrix Nebula Features:

  • The MADRIX NEBULA directly connects to your LED pixels.
  • Directly connect to a wide range of supported LEDs via two 4-pin screw terminals.
  • A signal frequency of up to 24 MHz is available.
  • Supply power over USB or 5 V to 24 V over a 2-pin screw terminal.
  • Art-Net is directly converted to SPI without the need for an additional interface.
  • Reliably distribute data from any compatible software or hardware controller.
  • Use USB or Art-Net for all the great features of the MADRIX software.
  • Each device drives up to 1.360 RGB pixels while ensuring responsive delivery.
  • You can choose the output protocol separately for each of the two ports.
  • The device is ready within seconds after startup.
  • Its firmware is upgradable for future features.
  • HTP Merging is automatically available for two Art-Net sources.

Madrix Nebula Connectivity:

  • 2x OUT (screw terminals)
  • 1x RJ45 Ethernet port
  • 1x USB port
  • 1x Power (screw terminal)

Madrix Nebula Package Contents:

  • Set of screw terminals (2x 4-pin and 1x 2-pin)
  • USB cable
  • MADRIX software (license not included)
  • 2 wall-mount brackets